I sent you an email about an hour ago explaining. I have half of the album at the moment and hope to get the rest in the next day or two. I'll upload them all for you when I get them.

Im uploading Transylvania now :)
Yeah, I read it now! :)

Would be killer if you could upload the entire album!

You know the Symphony X album that you were downloading from me earlier.... I said I was going to get you the last two songs from it, so you would have the full album. Unfortunately, the server from which I got it doesn't have it anymore, and I never burnt it. Sorry mate! :cry:
Thats ok mate, i'll try and get it off Rapigator or something.

Also I crashed when uploading last night. The song Frankenstein is missing the last 400k. Any chance of getting upload resume permission so I don't have to upload it all again? :)

Hopefully i'll get the rest of the songs tonight.
Hey Nef, delete those two files "I've got the fire bass.mp3" and "I've got the fire bass2.mp3" if you haven't already. Neither of them is complete 'cos the connection f'd up...