Job Interview

mr. tokmak

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Apr 17, 2001
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I would like to share with you 2 important things happened in two different job interviews.

Firstly I was making a job interview with a technician.When I was reading his job application form I had seen something very funny.
In the tools that you can use part he wrote calculator. :confused:
I didn't want to laugh in front of him and a minute later I told him that we would call you later. As expected.

Secondly this event had been told to me by a friend who's still working for a private employment company.She was reading a CV one day and she had seen something strange.
One guy had written in the hobbies part that one of his hobbies was mobile phones.:confused:

What do you think about these events?
Do you know events like these?
If you know please share them with me.
You weren't speaking such bullshit back when you used to watch me play. :mad:

And I'll take special note of your pride for having caused an ankle injury! :mad: :mad: