Jonas describing VE songs

abyss said:
In the spanish metal magazine Hell Awaits #34 jonas nenkse explains the history behind viva emptiness.

As I can see, VE has got some promo here, in Spain lately. It´s not the first thing about the album which has been published... More than ever :Smug:
Well…here comes my “translation” of what Jonas Renkse said about the history behind Viva Emptiness as appeared in the Spanish magazine Hell Awaits issue 34. This is a really bad translation but since I don’t know anyone who could translate from Spanish perfectly I have to done it by myself. I hope that at least you can understand the main of the text.

“…Jonas insists that he didn’t want to make a typical gangsters history, he rather want to talk about the fear of living in great cities, about when you look at your back to see if anyone is tracking you and things like that. He admits that part of the inspiration are taken from the gangsters’ movies, but mixed with some of his personal experiences. (….) Jonas tells me (the interviewer) the history of the main character of the record, a person who had to escape suddenly, leave everything behind and get a new life. That person is constantly pursued by a chaser, who’ll claim his aim in “Omerta”. There they’ll talk about past times and when the main character drinks of his glass, he begins to realize that his chaser, his friend, has poisoned him. This is the reason for that he dies at the end, and the song has an ending so harsh and disturbing.”