KeithRT99 Deftones drum samples


May 24, 2008
Austin, TX
Hi everyone.

I did a search looking for Deftones drum samples, and obviously most of the results were about the Steven Slate kit. Now I've heard the samples, and that's definitely a great kit, but I'm a bit broke now. I would definitely be interested in purchasing his drum samples when I have more cash (although I think it would be cool to be able to purchase individual kits instead of the big packs), but I don't have a lot to spare right now.

Anyway, some posts by KeithRT99 came up, and he had a yousendit link to some Deftones drum samples that he had made from a demo. The yousendit link is expired, and I would PM him, but it appears he is banned. Does anyone have these samples? I'd really love to get my hands on them...


i'll try to get them back up, but my hard drive with all that isn't in my new computer. IF you wanna cut some yourself, theres samples in digital bath, and xerces by deftones. the ones i cut were from the demo and the cd version of xerces.
Also realized there's a perfectly good lone snare hit at the beginning of My Own Summer, if anyone else is trying to make some samples.

EDIT: Hmm, actually I'm wondering if the tom hit ringing out before it would be a problem.
are there any drum rental places in your area with a Tama Bell Brass? If so, get it, put on an Ambassador, CRANK it HIGH, and then crack the shit out of it. Record with a 57 and a mono overhead. Then find a nice big studio room impulse and use it with a Convo Verb, and then compress the Convoverb to give it even more character. Ofcourse if you have a real nice room skip that last part and record the real room.