Kill Fuck Die


Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane Australia
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I dismissed this album when I first heard it, mostly because I only skipped through it very quickly, but ive been listening to it lately and its actually pretty darn good! Its not self titled or crimson idol, but still great!

W.A.S.P. :headbang:
Spawn you realise that Cease living and the act of being dead are the same thing.

The album isn't called Die Fuck Die is it?? IS IT??

NO IT'S FUCKIN NOT. apolagise.
Kill = To cease something living or act of ceasing something living

Die = Act of being dead

Koichi = Pedantic Panda rooter
To die is to be dead, thus it is the act of being dead, so we are both right. Die has many meanings depending on the way it is used and to what it pertains in said use of said word.
We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're are no friends of mine
Theres too many broken hearts in the world, too many dreams can be broken in two, too many broken hearts in the world, and I wont give up the fight for you.
You can put your trust in me, love will have its victory, with love to guide us, nothing can divide us.
Together, together, I wanna show you, my heart is oh so true, and all the love I have is especially for you.

Treat her right
Treat your mother right
Treat her right
Treat her right


There is no other
Like Mother
So treat Her right
I always Love Her
My Mother
So treat Her right, treat Her right

M is for the moan, and the miserable groan
from the pain that She felt when I was born

O is for the oven with it's burnin' heat
where She stood makin' sure I had something to eat

T is for the time that She stayed up at night
and took my temperature when I wasn't feelin' right

H is for the hard earned money She spent
to keep clothes on my back and try to pay da' rent

E is every wrinkle I put on Her face
and every worry that I caused when I stayed out late

The last letter R is that She taught me Respect
and for the room up in Heaven that I know She'll get

MR. T Chorus

Female Chorus

She's a Queen
Second to none
Take care of Mother
You only get one