Kill Fuck Die

He should never have beaten Rocky, that was such a sham. I think Don King was involved.
I think that is a lie fabricated by the press and his management. Rocky went on to beat Ivan Drago (a steroid abuser it turned out) in a 15 round match in Russia. He even got the RUSSIANS to cheer for him, thus ending the cold war.
Ill be damned if im going to sit here and let you say something bad about the greatest heavyweight boxing champion that ever lived. He beat Hulk Hogan for crying out loud!
Not even Andre The Giant beat Hulk Hogan! That was back when wrestling was REAL.
Seriosuly, I'm gunna become a wrestler, get me drunk and chuck me in the ring, I'll kick all their fairy arses.

Southy and I could be drunken tag team champions of the world.
Rocky would kick your arse. Or punch it, seeing as you cant kick in boxing. Unless its kickboxing. Which it isnt.