Landberk and Opeth

Blue Moon

Staring at the Sun
Nov 14, 2001
Down the Hallway of Always
Knowing that Landberk was nodded at in the Blackwater Park album and that both bands are swedish, do you think that the former had an influence on the latter ?

I'm thinking of the Lonely Land album by Landberk, which is a favorite of mine since 1996, and it does have a definite Opethian feel to it as far as dark prog rock goes. That album itself has early-King Crimson-ish keyboards and mood to it, which is reminescent of Ghost Reveries, Orchid or Morningrise.

Anyone here knows that band ? Lonely Land is really awesome. I sadly never heard their other material. But I do think that Opeth fans would really, really have their fancy with that album.

And something tells me it would get Akerfeld's seal of approval for those who care.