What Opeth album should I get?

I genuinely find Still Life tedious. A case of more is less. I just don't understand the fanboyism of this album.

Funny how I thought exactly the same not too long ago, and I've been an opeth fan for many years now. I recently bought the remastered edition of still life and gave it a new try in my cd player and I am a devouted, full fledged fan now of this record.
For a person that hasn't listened to Opeth all that much, Blackwater Park, followed by Still Life and Deliverance, is easily the most accessible. The others are good albums for sure (I like the newest stuff best but notice I'm not recommending that to just anyone), but take some listening to really get into. I think MAYH is certainly a fantastic concept album with good flow, but imo the individual songs are a little boring compared to the much more complex, well produced, and interesting instrumentation of the newer stuff. I would absolutely NOT get MAYH first unless you know you have a history of getting into the intricate stories of concept albums. If you're looking at MAYH because people have told you its good for heaviness with less clean vocals, then fuck it and go Deliverance for the same reason but a more accessible album.
I recommend... all albums. Unless you're stuck up and judge an album in 1995 as though it were released in 2009.

Year is irrelevant really, plenty of old bands have fantastic production. It's more the fact that Opeth had less recording experience and a much smaller budget probably. To write stuff like Orchid at the age they did is pretty awesome, but most people would still say they've gotten..better.
All of them, but if you have to start with one and you were too impressed with all of GR (which im surprised), id definetly go with BWP.

Great now I have a sudden urge to listen to Deliverance and im at work XD. *plugs in flash drive that has ALL of Opeth's albums* :headbang: :worship:
If you want an album released before Ghost Reveries, go with Blackwaterpark, Still Life or My Arms You Hearse. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.
I'll have to buy me Blackwater Park or Deliverance next time I go to FYE, I can get Watershed at my college CD store but I'd prefer what I really want.
And since I get back on high speed Internet tomorrow, I'll give Orchid and Morningrise a listen on Youtube. I listen to a lot of black metal so I have no problems with lsser recording quality.