Like S'up?


Mar 31, 2010
Black gates of hell
It has been a while since I was last on here and since then I've been working my ass off in college to get the qualifications that I need, having passed my exams now there are only a few bits and bobs left to do.

Anyway, thankfully now I'm coming to the end of my college course and so this also means that I will have more time with my band.

Since my last post I was in a band where we were actually going somewhere and after some time we had a gig lined up for charity in Nottingham (United Kingdom) where we would also have recorded an EP.
Things took a u-turn though. We had no way of getting up there which sucked big time and plus we weren't ready because we were having problems of our own and missing prac sessions.

After that the band disbanded...
Then I started a band of my own and since we have been doing some prac whenever we had the time, but in the run up to the exams time itself got lost for us as we couldn't do any prac at all.
Hopefully now, before x-mas we'll record an EP and do some gigs.

30 years of number of the beast, we have been doing some prac on a few songs from that album so we'll be doing a cover of that in our EP maybe.

Anyway, s'up dudes?