Apr 17, 2005
Ya know, I'm a bit surprised that this band hasn't been mentioned here on this forum 'cause I know there's at least one dude from the old Winterfell forums here (I'm looking at you, Iced_Dog), and I'd think you'd know that while Robb has put Winterfell on a hiatus (whether or not it's a permanent hiatus remains to be seen), he's been very busy with the guys from Lorenguard in getting their first full length album out.

I know musical preferences are always very subjective and just because someone likes one band doesn't mean they'll like another. In any case I would say that Lorenguard's genre isn't too far off from that of Pyramaze and as such it should be worth checking them out.

So... check 'em out!

It took me a couple listens to really get into this first album but now it's grown on me I think it's a great effort from a very talented bunch of musicians and I'm looking forward for the rest of the story!
I wasn't too impressed with the demo EP, but Eve of Corruption is excellent. I do miss Winterfell, though.

I'm curious to know if the Eve of Corruption book is any good.

I do miss Winterfell, though.
Same here. Robb said a couple weeks ago that he has new (unfinished) Winterfell material that he would like to finish at some point. So that's good news. Thing is, it's probably not gonna happen quite some time to come due to him being busy with other stuff. And of course, him not having any bandmembers doesn't help either :heh:

Robb said:
(Robb Graves) Is having one of those weeks where he serious considers finishing the Winterfell material he has been sitting on for the past few years... recording,. and releasing an EP.
I think it WILL happen. it's just a matter of time. I have been studying music since the band broke up. I am currently learning piano and it really helps with composing as well as vocal practice.

The tricky part will be getting that "Winterfell sound" back as far as the guitar work/tone, prog elements but also getting it to work with my more traditional voice stuff now that I have grown as a singer and don't just try to copy barlow all the time.

Plus I want symphonic elements.. i just don't want people saying... look it's lorenguard singing about a song of ice and fire. it's got to sound different.
Yeah, on the EP it was obvious he was trying to copy Barlow. Which I didn't mind at the time as I was a huge Iced Earth fan.

But I agree that on Veil he had matured and was developing his own style, although it is still very reminiscent of Barlow at times, but also very different at other times.

And then in Lorenguard it's still a little different from Veil.

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