\m/ Blind Guardian \m/

I like Blind Guardian, but I only own "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" and it's great. I plan on picking up more of their albums sometime.
I like Blind Guardian alot. The only "Power" metal band I like, really. I don't have any albums of their's yet, but I plan on buying "Nightfall In Middle Earth" sometime soon. :D
Furious B, your muttons are godly.

That said, BG has a special place in my heart for exposing me to "obscure metal". Currently own SFB, NiME, and TFtTW, and love 'em all. My brother is a lot more into it than I am though, and because of him, we both saw the band live this past Friday. They were obviously having a blast on stage.

So yeah, I like BG, but rarely play them anymore.
@Elysian Blaze and Gimmickless, I was at that show too. It was probably my faovrite show of all time. I was going freaking insane when they opened with "Into the Storm." I was singing along with every word and headbanging like a fool. I enjoyed how Hansi described each song. This may sound gay, but I love his accent. They played all of my favorites of off Nightfall In Middle Earth so I was happy for that. It was so great how loud the crowd was singing along. Blind Guardian are defiantley in my top 5 favorite bands.