Marshall 1960AV/BV VS. every other cab with vintage 30s.

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How come this cab is rated at (RMS) 280watts where as my cabinet is rated at (again RMS) 240watts. I have opened my cabinet the speakers are most certainly vintage 30 speakers no questions there. And I have also opened my friends 1960AV and there is most certainly NOT vintage 30 speakers in there (from first look).

My theory: The 1960AV (unless you went aftermarket) does NOT come with vintage 30 speakers and instead comes with a some sort of proprietary marshall design hybrid of the speaker. If you go to marshalls website this cab is listed as having "G12 vintage 70watt" speakers inside.

So: Are these vintage 30s? OR are they just a tad different.

I mean it's a common mistake to mark this cab as housing "vintage 30s" but in fact I am almost 95% that they are not. Again unless it's just a vintage 30 that celestion made for the sole purpose of this cab and being affiliated with marshall.
That's always been my understanding from browsing Marshall's website, as well as that of musiciansfriend, sweetwater, etc. - I've never actually seen the words "Vintage 30" in the description of any of their cabs
I was told they are v30 cause i have 2 of them in my cab and they came from that same marshall cab and they just say vintage on them. mmmmmm
After tooling around doing some reaserch it is believed that these are indeed vintage 30 speakers. The difference is apparently these OEM speakers have slightly larger voice coils hence the slightly higher wattage rateing.

So they are vintage 30 speakers... kind of.

If you contact marshall though they will NOT tell you that this is a vintage 30 speaker.
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Last week I was micing my Marshall 1960AV with a couple of SM57 and I noticed that the tone was kind of empty in mid low frequencies.

I got my friends Engl Slant V30 and miced exactly in the same way, and for my suprise it sounded better, more full and rich.

So now I'm a bit suspicious. As soon as I go to the studio I'll open the cab to see what the hell is inside.
^ That's hardly surprising, considering they are two different cabs. Even if you switch the speakers from one to the other they will still sound very different.
I've opened the cab:

Marshall G12 Vintage by Celestion.

I've read on internet that it is just V30 with another sticker...
there is a great controversy about it, some guys wrote to marshall and they were answered they are the same speakers as V30... but some few guys out there say they are not.