Merry Christmas 2007 From Theocracy

Merry Christmas!

Great Matt, it was more than worth looking forward to. :)

And if your new albums are like this...
YES! Thanks so much Matt, you guys are amazing! I knew you'd come through again this year :).

God bless you guys, have a merry Christmas.

EDIT: Wow, this is the best one yet, you guys rock bigtime! Can't wait for Mirror of Souls!
Awesome! I think this is probably my favorite of the Christmas tracks, as well.

Merry Christmas to all!
Yeah it really turned out great, this was my first contribution to Theocracy I've made studio wise on bass, so its exciting to know I am a part of that.
Fantastic stuff ! :headbang:

I didn't think you could top last year's long christmas track, but this is awesome!

Well done! This makes me so much more hungry for 'Mirror of Souls' ....hope there is good news about a release for that soon !
Wow, that's great again! Thank you very much!

To all Theocracy members and to all members of this forum a Merry Christmas!
Excellent! Thanks Matt! Merry Christmas to you, the band, and Theocracy fans everywhere. Have a blessed 2008!

And, at the risk of spoiling one of your Christmas presents, is that your name I see in the "Roll of Honour" of the Dream Theater book?
Thankyou very much Matt, and Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes for the new year. :)
Best version of O Come Emmanuel ever. :OMG:

Thanks a bunch Theocracy and may the new year bring a record deal, a new album, and most of all the invasion of Christ deeper and deeper into your lives.