Meshuggah - Catch 33


The Death of Balance
Dec 8, 2002
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While I've been anxiously awaiting Symph X's new release, and growing aggrievated in the process, I must say that there has been plenty of great new music comin out to keep me busy till Symph X's release (as well as DT's new one and Tool's new one a little further down the road). Porcupine Tree's Deadwing is one great new release I can't think of, but Meshuggah's new 47 min EP, Catch 33, has blown me away.

I've been a Meshuggah fan for a couple of years now and I enjoy all the musical styles they've gone through as a band, but with this release they have matured incredibly and gone in an amazing experimental direction with their sound. Fredrick has really gotten used to his 8 string, and it shows in his riffs. The Rythms on this album are no exception to the leaps this band has made in their abilities.

Some may say that certain riffs in the first 20 or so minutes of the EP go on too long, but when listened to carefully, there are subtle variations on these riffs. The repeatition also lends itself to the hypnotic feel that they were going for on this disc. All told, this is one amazing album. Though it isn't officially out yet, you can find it on popular downloading programs. Just make sure, if you download it, that you buy it on May 17th when it comes out, or i'll personally beat you down. Meshuggah are still amazing me with each new release and they remain one of the most original bands out there today.

You know, I didn't even think about how many people here are Meshuggah fans. Who among you are fans of the unstoppable metal force that is Meshuggah?
Meshuggah- Yes, an extremely technical band, but it seems that emotions are about the least of their worries. I feel nothing in their instruments and get bored of it. Spiral Architect is more emotional than them.....
the None ep and DEI were cool..even Chaosphere had its moments but Nothing sounded awful. They need to do something pretty different this time around to keep me interested. I listened to 'I' a few times but it really is same ol,same ol....even if that is pretty out there.
DEI is really a masterpiece. Nothing never got me (besides Spasm, kick ass song). I haven't heard much of I, but what I recall is not very good. Chaosphere and Contradictions collapse were really cool albums, though. I hope this one kicks ass, as no band can make me insane as meshuggah can \m/
The new Nevermore has me pumped to hear what direction they will be going. I read out here that it's more technical which works for me! I just hope the sound is MILES better then Enemies!

Does anyone listen to the Lord Wierd Slough Feg? I just read a review they have a new one coming also.

It's starting to look like a banner year!
Taliwakker said:
You can or will be able to buy the Andy Sneap remix version of Enemies of Reality from the record company for $ art..just the disc. Don't know when though.

Well the completely repackaged remix is out already in Europe. My friend got the import and it sounds fucking amazing.