Mikael please read...new CD!

How I feel about the subject matter in this thread:
Live DVDs - Yes, please do!
Re-recording - I hate the idea. I would never purchase a studio re-recording of any Opeth album/song. Its never happening, stop asking.
Digitally Remastering - Support, but very slim chance of this happening. This is the extent of getting a better sound quality for your Orchid and Morningrise albums. Anyways, the albums are fine as they are; if you disagree then listen to some Emperor albums, it will change your mind.
Live CDs - Yes, I hope we get these. I am tired of bootlegs.
Greatest Hits - No, retarded idea and it ain't happening.
Covers - The band will do more covers, prolly including some metal and some non-metal. As for the non-metal that Deep Purple song was awesome.

Oh ya, and I sure hope that the band takes a year or two off from touring. They have toured enough the last year to satisfy even the fanboys. Plus it would help the come up with some really cool material without the distractions.
I sure hope they dont waste any time on a greatest hits album cuz we all have theses songs already, then thye'd probably put a couple bounus tracks on there to try and trick us into tossing down a bunch of money on a CD for like three songs, they're useless