MissionFest 2007

Here is what I have been able to dig up on Cygnus Loop:
Cygnus Loop disbanded due to the drummer being removed and a falling out between guitarist Matt and vocalist Todd.

The band does seek to continue using the material for other projects.
there are just too many shows that are suddenly being called "FEST". Too me a fest is an all day show, or a show that has something different to offer.
There is just too many of these fest happening and people wonder why they dont do good anymore...the market is way to saturated.
I spoke with Cygnus Loop just a few days ago.
They are new to the list of bands. But all is good to go.

Also, I respect everyone's views on this.
I do hope people will still consider comming.

Also for the few of you who are interseted
Terry, Jerry, Dusty & Josh from Eternity X will be at the event.
The events in honor of Terry's Missions Trip.

Thanks all:)
From my perspective, it's mostly just Diabolik and Jasonic, who apparently aspire to be the two old cranky dudes from The Muppets (except without the funny!)

Looks like the "two old cranky dudes" are at it again!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


I'm just kiddin' around guys... sometimes I just can't help myself! :loco: