mixing desk?


Sid Vicious Reincarnation
Apr 18, 2001
i'm considering buying a small mixing desk for home use to connect with my pc.
a friend recommended one from 'berling' or 'berlington' (cant exactly remember the name, gotta ask him again). he will also provide me with cracked software (qbase, nuendo).

have you got any suggestions/recommendations for a cheap but good mixing desk?
Originally posted by Eddy
considering where you live

i even saw a copy of the limited gibson flying V anniversay edition in vienna!

i'll meet you tomorrow at 7 am for a duell at the the city walls :lol:

yeah behringer it was thx all!
so it'll gonna be one for when i got a little money!
I meant that you live quite close to Germany, at least a bit closer than me. :D

Muzikhaus Thomann is quite cheap place to get your stuff from. Although it's in Germany, a lot of stuff is cheaper to order from there than to buy it from Finland.

About the duel: Only if the weapons used are bottles of Lapin Kulta (one for each) and the loser pays for the night in local boozer! ;) :D
agree at the duell!
but the bottles got to be full and who has finished it first wins!

in my fave pub they have lapin kulta, so i'll give it a try today and stop the time i need!

then we'll each send it to a third party judge who'll announce the results - but keep in mind that the world record in drinking 0,5 litres beer is held by an austrian with 2,6 seconds! :eek:

lets rock! :heh:
They have Lapin Kulta there? :eek:

Whoa! Any other Finnish beers?

A little question concerning the duel: a pint or a bottle?
what you prefer? i think they have both but of the pint (here: 0,5 litres) i'm sure, if they have the bottles i aint sure.

no other finnish beer though, but swedish cider...
:D All I care is that the beer is Lapplands Gold, pint or bottle I don't care. :D

Here we have a large pint (0,5l) and a small pint (0,33l) and the same for bottles. I was thinking of small bottles.

Man, my friends were surprised when I told that they have LK in Austria, I seem to be the only one beside my friend that actually likes LK here, everyone else seem not to like it. They prefer Koff or something else crap. :D

You gotta pay a visit here some day, so I can teach you some Finnish drinking habits! ;) :D
Originally posted by Eddy
You gotta pay a visit here some day, so I can teach you some Finnish drinking habits! ;) :D

whats that? get as fast as drunk as possible?! :D
but ok i can ask emilia, the finnish waitress in my 1st living room...

ok then we'll drink the small pints 0,33 on tap and take time!

and lapin kulta is not one of the best beers, but it's drinkable and tastes quite nice the first few bottles!
ok but i cant start the duel before monday, maybe even later! sorry!
gives you plenty of time to practise or what?? ;)

my fave beer is carlsberg, followed by austrian beer you probably wont know!

btw. today i got a catalogue from behringer...:D
what i almost forgot to say - time will be taken as soon as your lips touch the glass, neither earlier nor later!

looking forward to it eddy :D
ok DONE!
as i never did that before and did not practise i'd say my time was quite good!

here it is:

9,101 seconds