MP3 Players = Shit Sound?

Yeah. I'm sure it'll be broken in one way or another, I have bad luck with these things. I'll let you know.

Hopefully not, but do let me know.

I wear these and I'd be impressed to try in-ears that would be better. I ever only tried them a few times anyway and the sound sucked and they don't stay in my ears. They're loud enough in the CD player at 95% volume and that's where the bass starts breaking too. Maybe there are better ones but I haven't found. Tried some 300e dj headphones once but they're meant for recognizing different sound frequencies instead of heavy metal experiences...

You've not tried good in ears then. With my in-ears I can't put the volume louder than 75% on my iPhone without being painful. I usually have it around 50% when on the street, 20-30% at home. The bass doesn't break, sound is clear and it sounds powerful. DJ headphones are shit to listen to music, extremely bassy and not enough frequencies actually. Really do give a try to a good pair of in-ears and you'll forget about yours, I'm telling you.

No, for head phone listening rather loudness. What does quality help if the sound has to be kept very low... in un-plugged home use of course quality (that also goes to bass quality in low volume) as the pussy neighbours won't tolerate noise.

Why not loud AND quality? Seriously, a good pair of in-ears will give you that. With volume around 60% it'll be loud enough and you'll have everything crystal clear.

Ones that cover you're ear will be much better than some earplugs, if you spend the cash. Cheap over-ear headphones will always be shit, and sound will bleed in and out. Everyone will hear you're irritating music and you will hear their shitty complaining. GOOD over-ear headphones will be better than any in-ear, but you'll be paying twice as much as the MP3 player itself.

Really good in-ear headphones are cheap though. The rubber ear pieces are key for sound bleeding though, a big reason why I really like skull-candy, but again, they're cheap and have broken on me often. My friend (who does like 7-10 hours a day of walking around with his headphones on), stopped buying them cause he'd use them up every 3-4 months.

I know good over-ear headphones are the best thing, I always have a pair at home (just ordered myself a pair of AKG 271 MKII for Christmas), but I don't like using huge headphones on the street, plus I don't like the thought of carrying around 200€ headphones on the street. My small in-ears are 50€ but no-one sees them and much more comfortable on the street for me.
Got the iPod Classic sorted and it works alright, only problem is CD covers won't display but wtf, sound is maybe 97% of CD player. So the problem I had earlier was in the Zen player.
^ Don't diss the Zen, it's as good as and probably better that iPod when it comes to audio quality. You were either using a bad model, or it was EQd wrong.
I meant "better" in terms of price/quality ratio. Also, iPod Classic is pretty good, but some of other models are downright terrible. The Nanos, for example.

Anyway, my cheap earphones are falling apart, I'm feeling tempted to try in-ear again, maybe I'll finally get used to them. Wondering if I should grab Skullcandy or cash out for the Sehnheiser which is likely to last a bit longer. A roughly $15 difference...
I used some Koss PortaPros with my Creative ZEN from 2008 and they work just fine. I got good bass response and nice juicy and clear sound.

Learn to EQ, like everyone said. Even the older and cheaper MP3 players usually have superb quality. Ofcourse assuming you get 320 bitrate files.

Oh and Joonas...can you really hear 3% difference from CD? :lol: Because that are your own ears playing a prank. That is total bullshit! There is NO difference.
Actually joonas is right, there is a difference between 320 mp3s which is a lossy format to begin with and the redbook audio that is standard on original audio cds. Maybe you can't hear it but I certainly can.
That would still require some above average headphones and It isn't a "bothering" thing if you sit in a train and listen to a mp3 player with OMGLOSSLESS audio. Just saying, It's not a big difference, not to me atleast. I don't notice it from the short times I use my mp3 player.
There's a huge difference whether you copy a CD in 320 or 160. Luckily I have only listened to CD quality so I can tell a crappy mp3 file.

The Classic is working ok, but the volume is not as powerful anymore as in a CD player. Kinda weak, and sometimes the songs don't copy the way they're supposed to (get lost, have wrong name etc.) and it didn't recognize the artworks, but I'm satisfied with it, could be worse.
Yeah, they passed Bal-Sagoth's Chtonic Chronicles (the album that probably has the most dense arrangement I've heard) with flying colors. Every voice is separate and crystal clear. I'm yet to test them with anything classical though - don't usually like to listen to it on the go.
Well I think you'll like them too with that. When I first tried them I was absolutely blown away by their quality considering their price and bein in-ears instead of big studio headphones.
Ipod classic 120gb does the job!

Just be sure to get some decent earplugs or something, it's way worth to spend like 100$ or more if you really want the great sound and comfort.
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Can anyone recommend some durable in-ear headphones? I go through about four pairs a year and I'm sick of replacing them.