MP3 Players

Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated :kickass:

I will let you know what I decide. Some of my friends have iRivers and swear by them also, so I'll check those out as well as an ipod.
Zune's are pretty nice too, im thinking about upgrading to the Zune HD, shit looks nice. but the 80 gigs although a little big are pretty good, and they hold a fuck ton of music.
yeah, unless you want to use it as a storage device, like if you want to rip all your CDs and put them into storage, there is probably no need to get anything above like 40bg.

I never filled my 80gb ipod up past like 45gb and still, I could have taken a train to the farthest reaches of asia and still would not have had to listen to the same song twice.
I have an iPod and a Zune. They're both pretty damn nice. iTunes isn't very fun to work with, but unfortunately, the Zune software isn't much better. Fortunately, after the initial music load, it's pretty rare for me to need to fire up the host program. Media Monkey, which I actually like, is supposed to be able to synch to the iPod, but I never got it to work right.
I've had an Iaudio U3 for a couple of years now. Insane battery length, as well as extremely good sound (you don't need to put the volume up very high to produce loud sound), and the quality isn't at all dependant on the player but the headphones. I'm unsure if they still sell those anywhere, but if you don't care about size or how it looks, it's cheap and in my opinion one of the best ones you can get.
fuck itunes! if u want a heavy duty mp3 player get this one


not sure of the exact model # but its from creative
my friend has had it for about 4 years now and its fucken awesome :kickass:
I used to have an old creative 60gb. Very solid mp3 player. The only reason it stopped working was because I abused the shit out of it.
If you have 1000 musics using one of those:

good luck searching a song using only "next/previous"

Admittedly, I've never put enough on this thing to even think about using the search function. However, I just played with it, and it does let you search by artist name, album name, release year, playlist, and genre. So there! :p