Muders In The Rue Morgue

Rabs.... Bass on its way..... and yeah if the finished instrumental for murders isnt too far away...ill just wait with baited breath then.... ;o)

Const..... no probs....!!!

Hi All,

I reposted my guitar track on myplay. This time it has the rhythm track as before, and my half of the 'solo'. This is for you adde! Just waiting on your parts on this puppy.

Constantine. If you read this, i am still having problems with your bass guitar during the guitar 'solo' section. Would you like me to post a mix so you can give it a listen?

Let me know.
Hey Rabs, can you mail me the tab you used for Murders, I believe that GOTN did a pretty good one but that it was changed and Im not sure I have the corrected one here. Also, did you play the song as written in that tab or did you change anything when recording?