My experience from Opeth show in Israel


May 2, 2006
Helsinki, Finland
hey guys,
I wanted to share my excitement from Opeth show in Israel which took place on april the 1st.
it was satureday and me and my friend were very excited. we waited a lot of time for Opeth to arrive to Israel and finally they made it.
we got into my car and drove to the place where the band were supposed to play. on the way we listened to the new album Ghost Reveries at a very loud volume. when we arrived near the club I started looking for a parking area.
it wasnt the first time i've been in that club so i remembered that there's a parking area right behind the club. I drove to a small street besides the club and there I saw a Van parking near the club's emergency exit.
the street was very thin so I had to drive slowly past the van. as i'm driving past the van (let me remind u, with Ghost Reveries on full volume) I turned my head to the left to see what going on with that van and saw that side door is open and few persons sitting inside it looking at me and my friend... smiling a big smile :D
it was Opeth band members....
we were in shock! We've just past by Opeth band members while listening to Ghost Reveries in full volume! LOL

as soon as we saw them I parked my car really quick and by the time we went their way the van was gone...
I wonder if Mikael remember that... hey Mikael if you read this and u do remember it then what were you guys thinking when u saw us? LOL

so that's my story and it was a damn good show!! I hope to see you again OPETH!! COME SOON! WE LOVE YOU!