My review on: Rammstein's "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da"


Anti-humorizing DL Whore
Mar 22, 2009
New Jersey
---*Album Rating* 81%---

Here we are with one of the most amazing industrial metal bands to come from Germany of the German industrial metal scene. I must admit, it quite seems that 4 years was worth the wait for this release to hit the floor. For a surfaced band, they still keep their praise as a good band of the industrial genre even compared to the bands of the underground, maybe not the best but they are definitely out there as a good quality band releasing fine material that impresses their fans. They use to be my favorite band quite a few times here and there but I kind of move here and there from band to band in certain genres that grab my interest. Definitely pick this album up because it is an outstanding release, I loved it myself. This is still a band of the few of many that I would consider to be one of the most consistent fine quality promises.

---Track Rating---
- (+1) – Track 1 – Rammlied
The beginning has some nice creepy atmospheric intro to it that goes into some kind of choir. Vocals then the riffs come in, sounds like in your face Rammstein and its totally kicking my ass. Great so far, keep up the good work.

- (+1) – Track 2 – Ich Tu Dir Weh
The beginning has a nice beginning here as well. Guitars start chugging in, and here we have the drums and the bass. Sounds pretty kick ass once again. It is as if this is probably the album worth waiting for. GREAT STUFF AGAIN!

- (+1) – Track 3 – Waidmanns Heil
Nice “battle horn” in the beginning that transitions into total ass kicking Rammstein once again. This track is just probably the best track I’ve heard on the album so far, enough said.

- (+1) – Track 4 – Haifisch
Another outstanding intro, again another great song. It is a bit mellow but it really works out, also it seems to have a folkish melody as well.

- (+1) – Track 5 – B********
And here we are with a booming synth beginning that then grows to the Rammstein industrial metalized sound. Once again, still to please and not to disappoint.

- (-1) – Track 6 – Fruhling In Paris
Eh, I don’t know what happened here, this song kind of lamed out a bit. A minus for the album.

- (+1) – Track 7 – Wiener Blut
On to the next song which has some kind of tribal beginning and of course gets quite epic. Makes up for the last song of course.

- (+1) – Track 8 – Pussy
Pretty epic beginning here and great song. Again another positive.

- (+1) – Track 9 – Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da
A metal beginning, good way to start it up! Quite epic as well. Another great song once again. Keep it up! So far this is great.

- (+1) – Track 10 – Mehr
Again another pretty good song. Besides track 6, this album has not disappointed.

- (-1) – Track 11 – Roter Sand
Eh this is more like the outro of the album. I kind of expected something more heavy but there were just some elements that didn’t really please me in this song such as “not much happening” like in track 6. I also think it’s a bit too long.
Didn't read the review, just wanted to point out that "Neue Deutsche Harte" doesn't mean German Industrial simply means "New German Toughness" (that is, if you meant Härte, not Harte, which doesn't make any sense) and I'm curious where you got that term from
Oh thanks for pointing that out. I believe they are listed as such online, I happened to just search around for the "proper term" of the genre they were placed in. And certain blogs and what have you just have them listed as such. I understand I spelled Harte wrong, I am just a bit lazy to mess with the alt coding :p. And I kind of compressed that sentence so people wouldn't be confused.