My thoughts on Billy(Buzzard)


Mar 25, 2004
First of all I'm from overseas and was worried if Billy would even acknowledge me. NO FUCKIN' WAY!! I saw his e-mail from reading blabbermouth and immediately started e-mailing him! He was totally responsive, cool and very warm. I also spoke to Billy about maybe coming over to visit. I had a plan of doing all the chores Billy would want me to do for him if I could stay with him while I underwent treatment for my condition(I have little cash). The treatment was only available in the states and I was desperate. Billy was totally awesome, he kept on checking if I was okay and was keen for me to visit him and to help me. He could've just ignored me anytime he wanted but he was ace! Billy it's me, Matthew(you called me the saving grace of the internet! :oops: ). You remember me?? It's been a while since I last wrote, I've been kinda busy and so have you. Hope everything's going great!! :wave: :Spin:

I'll see you around on the board brother, and of course as you know I'll be on the Anthrax board.
Maybe, not such a good idea, he be pulling off that head of your's. We know how tough Billy is. :Smokin: