My thoughts on "The Moor"....

By the way, I've decided to request to review all three, MAYH, SL, and BWP, hope the teacher goes for it! Will find out soon......

Right? Why the hell go through all the trouble of picking only two when you can just do three! Good idea. Did he go for it by the way?
wow, certainly beats my review of ' Brilliant'', when you've written the other songs analysis' i think you would have well deserved a Opeth goody bag or something.:) , keep up the good work and i hope to read some more in the future.:loco:
Here's the copy and pasted reply!!!

"This is approved. Be sure to provide a CD with the examples that you site in
your paper.

Production techniques and styles will be a good basis for the paper. If you
wish you may also want to bring other factors into the analysis (band members
status, external pressures, etc) that may have influenced the techniques and

I look forward to reading/listening to the paper.



Hehe, he spelled "cite" wrong......