Need advice on this mix

My recording guy is a good friend of mine and he's learning how to do metal recordings right now.

He gave me this to listen to and give him advice on.

My own personal thoughts were the cymbals and toms sounded too far away, the snare is nice, the kick has a great attack, but not enough "balls" to it like I'd like. And the bass may be too loud....I know its hard without the guitars and vocals, but he's trying to figure out this drum mixing thing.

What do you guys think of this mix? Any suggestions or ways to fix these problems?

FYI. The first part has a subsynth on the bass drum because it has this technoish intro thats supposed to throw people off. After the snare fill with the flange, it sounds normal heh. Everything is real as well, no MIDI or anything.

the link to the file is
The drums need reverb, they sound very very dry at the moment. There's quite a bit time variation in the playing as well, ie. not very sharp playing. The kick drum is also pretty loud. The toms sound a little flat, he should try compressing the track. The cymbals are pretty quiet, almost distant.

There's my ideas, hope they help :)
yeah I was thinking some reverb would help as well since someone thought it sounded like MIDI lol. How much reverb do you think it should have, and how long should it go for...I dont want it lingering too long lol

And yeah, the drummer is kind of off in parts...its mainly a test so its not as big of a deal. And by toms sounding flat, do you mean tuning? What kind of compression are you thinking of on them? I personally think they need to sound like they have more balls to them. Right now it sounds like flabby toms and not something that'd be heavy sounding.

Do you think the cymbals would come out more just by raising the volume or is there something else?

Thanks for te input! It's greatly appreciated.