New DVD?

The last Kickstarter update from Nick on 3/6/2019 said they were working on an audio/video timing issue along with finding someone to distribute it.
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FYI - Just got a Kickstarter update from Nick:

"Hello friends. Thanks so much for bearing with us. Lots of changes to announce here -- all good, but time consuming.
We have a new record deal...
We have distribution securing for the Blu Ray...
The audio is mixed and sounds great...
I'm going through the (final, I hope) pass of the video this weekend and will get comments to our amazing director.
Then it's just about getting the artwork, delivering everything to the label and getting into manufacturing.
Sorry about the lack of frequency of updates; the record deal and a few things on the personal side (nothing terrible, just time consuming) have delayed things a bit but it will be worth the wait.
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FYI - Got a Kickstarter update from Nick on 1/29:

"Hello friends. This has been forever getting here, but I wanted to give you an update.

We have signed a new record deal (that was a lot of the delay, needing to find the right place through which to release the upcoming Blu Ray). That hasn't been announced yet, but we are pleased with it.

The video and audio are both done. I'm pleased to say it will be a slightly bigger package than we originally set out to do. There will be Blu Ray and standard def DVD discs, and the set-list is as follows:

  • Intro / Noonday Devil
  • The Suffocating Silence
  • The Echo Chamber
  • Damaged
  • Someone Else's Problem
  • Little Men
  • Long Night's Journey into Day
  • Threads (featuring Ray Alder)
  • Black & White World
  • Indulge in Color (featuring Chris Poland)
  • Walls
In addition, there is a little behind the scenes video that we will include.

There will be two audio CDs containing this entire show, plus Peace Sells with Chris Poland (for which it was too challenging to clear the video rights), and alternate versions of Threads (with Tom) and Simone's solo (Indulge in Color) from the special morning show we did.

I don't have a final release date yet but I'm thinking it will likely be May."
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