New Farmakon available - Oh no, not again...

I've been waiting on for a week now. :mad:

I'll download this if there's nothing on the review thread I want to check out.
Wait a minute.... if the song remains the same but the sounds are improved, there won't be that much change, right? :rolleyes: :confused:
This is probably best asked elsewhere, but how do you get those artificial harmonics to ring out so well? My guitar instructor never taught me.
The song remains the same

Can you blame me? I was misled.

Anyway, I've just downloaded a 5.5 meg song, so I can't fit another onto my floppy discs. I'll have to wait at least ten minutes. :D
Originally posted by Windom Pearl
And as we are talking about this someone could at the same time explain what´s an artificial harmony...

They're the sounds used by guitarists very often in metal. They give off a sort of screeching sound. There's one used in this song at about 0:45-0:47.
Hmm, I can't really explain how the A.H. is done. You hold the pick so that when you strike the string, the edge of your thumb touches the string lightly. The more gain you have, the better chances you have of getting a good pinch.