New Farmakon available - Oh no, not again...

@Downfall: it's just that I still have the mp3 at work and kinda forgot about it / haven't transferred it to home.

@Hearse: we're talking about 192kbit version of "My Sanctuary..."
Originally posted by DotNoir
Earth calling, Farmakon, can you read me? I repeat... Farmakon, can you read me...? Oh, no, we've lost 'em... Damn good!
We're still here. And thanks for the feedback too! :)
But you haven't seen Farmacunts friend get out of a car on a gas station and run in to the advertizing sign (the tall one)... Then walk back calmly next to the car and start running again and bash the sign another time. :) :D
Originally posted by nevershine
Done that... But I'll do it again for your amusement when I'm drunk enough. ok? ok. :p
I think I should skip the next drinking-session or learn some CPR first...:rolleyes: