New fear factory album


Apr 14, 2001
Has anyone else bought digimortal yet? Its great, its really grown on me the more i listen to it, its just as heavy as their last albums but burtons singing is better and they have some *gasp* melodic parts to the songs :)
Its spawnys pick of the week, do yourselves a favour and go buy it!
Before anyone tries saying that demanufcture is better, i have that album and its way overrated! Obsolete is better than demanufacture and digimortal is better than obselete :D

Yeah, but do they have guitar solos this time?? :)

I loved Obsolete, but it was one of the first albums I ever heard that didn't have a solo. I felt lost, I did :(

Shall definitely buy said album as soon as I pay off my holiday - well, maybe not as soon as I pay it off, but perhaps the next day or the following weekend.
Nah no guitar solos (that i can remember anyway) but loads of great riffs and some quite strange (in a good way) effects and stuff. I think Fear Factory are the only band that can really say they bought something "nu" to metal lately......