New Old TestAmenT available for download.


Apr 13, 2001
Into The Pit mp3

This is coming from the upcoming Testament release of rerecorded songs from the first 2 Testament albums.

FIRST STRIKE, STILL DEADLY is a "Best Of" according to the members of TESTAMENT, who have rejoined for the first time in a decade to re-record these classic tracks they believe to be their finest. Re-recorded with today’s advanced technology in production as well as the fact that Testament are older, wiser & better players in 2001.
1) First Strike Is Deadly
2) The Haunting
3) Disciples of the Watch
4) Over the Wall
5) The New Order
6) Burnt Offerings
7) Alone in the dark
8) The Preacher
9) Riegn of Terror
10) Into the Pit

Bonus Track:
Eerie Inhabitants or Trial By Fire

Into The Pit is not my favourite song, but it's a good example of what's to come.

btw - a new Testament album has already been written...