New Opeth Video Online : White Cluster

Jul 12, 2001
I just finished uploading the first 2:45mins of the White Cluster live.. The file is 16megs and I could say the video is average quality.I could do better but it would be like 25megs
I also have the same thing in lower bandwitdh which is 9megs (Still being uploaded for you to decide how should the next clips be )

There is one thing though..I couldnt mix the audio well,its not too good (high basses and some cracks)
Its worth downloading though !
Check my site for the file and the ones will come soon

Please give me some feedback so I could imrove the next files :)
That videos is awesome!! it would be really cool if you posted a video of a whole song though, that would be greatly appreciated...
thanks a lot!
Hey great footage Ytse, even though it took me close to an hour to d/l with my 56k it was worth it.

*goes back to wishing he could of seen Opeth live*
well..think of me uploading that stuff with my 56K :)
considering that the song is about 10mins live,it would take 16x4=64megs at the same resolution/bandwitdh
I dont have that much space online,even if I did..It would take a day to upload it with my 56K (not that I wouldnt !!)

Btw,if anyone has the required software and can mix the clip's wav for me,It'd be really cool since I dont understand much about audio editing :)

Im still uploading the White Cluster low bandwitdh version for the ones who has slow connections..Its the same length but audio/video bandwidth is lower..Its about 9megs
Originally posted by Alucard
Oh one other thing. If you're planning on putting up any more clips(and I hope you are), I would love to see some of Advent. Anyone else agree?
Dude.. I was watching the tape and thought a part of the Advent would be cool on the site
I grabbed the mpeg and uploaded it..then I just came here to post that Advent video is up
And now I see this
Enjoy the video..its not very quality video but the sound is better !
I love this part of the song..!

I think this is the last one I can upload tonight..Im off to see G3 both nights this weekend
I'll grab some more when I get back...and hopefully some G3 videos too !!!
Originally posted by Hearse
The video is AWESOME!

can't you upload those videos from someplace that have faster connection?
that way you don't have to upload those for days... :)

I can go to school and upload 100k/sec..but I dont have any media to carry the videos.. no cdrw or zip ..and they wouldnt let me to hook up my hd

Umm and I ran out of space which was free 100megs that a friend offered me...
I will have to delete some DT videos to upload more opeth videos,,and that would piss off some DT fans :) which I am btw a DT fan as well as an Opeth fan.. :)
I've got a webspace I can cram a couple of hundred megs into. Interested?

Took me all of two minutes to download the 16 meg clip. ;P
Thanx man, you read my mind. The Advent video kicks ass. We seem to have very similiar tastes in music... I'm also gonna be at the G3 show on saturday night! Have fun man, it gonna be unbelievable.
I downloaded the White Cluster video two days ago but I accidentally deleted the file. I was unable to download the file again. Is there a problem with the server or something like that?
I guess that snorkel divex thing isn't working right.
thanks for letting me know about that problem
I just emailed my friend about it,As I said I was away to see G3 both nights and it was totaly awesome !...I also got the show on tape :)

Protocol and splump:I could use those spaces..well actually I need them desperately lol..
That's cool. The sound quality was pretty rough though, but it's cool to see opeth! :)

I'd say put up the whole thing at slightly higher quality...

...but I'm on a fast connection. Obviously there should be a lower quality version for people on modems.