New person.

Snowblind said:
2. I heard a rumor that Mikael Akerfeldt goes to this forum. Hope this rumor is true. That would be awesome!

Who cares? :D Met them live, got my BWP Booklet signed in Herford this year, talked to peter some time and met them again in berlin on the damnation tour and talked a bit again! :cool:
Yeah it's the same here.....Whenever I bring a cd player to school and listen to Opeth, those idiots are like "Yo nigga dat sheit be retarted yo dem cookie monsta growls you gotta listen to dat Puff Daddy yo! Dats da music right dere!" Rap better than Opeth? I think not. All that rap is composed of is some idiot rambling about god knows what while the bassist plays the same E to F bassline over and over again, and some drummer makes a 1st grade beat in the background. Not to mentian all those samples taken from pop songs and shit.