NFL.Com Pool Anyone?

Oct 28, 2005
Anyone interested in joining a private NFL.Com free pool league for the upcoming regular season? Throw me a private message if you are, with your e-mail, and I'll send you an invite to it! We started one for our site, but don't have enough people in there that are into football yet, so it'd be kewl to see someone from here in there! They're really good and easy to set up. Stats are all automatically done, and the winner of the 12-team league goes in a pool, globally, to win prizes, one of which last year, was an all-expenses-paid trip to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii! And yeah, it certainly adds a high degree of intensity to the season, the pool aspect - makes it funner to enjoy the games! I'm throwing this on the forum sites I go to, maybe 8 sites tops, and hopefully if you wanna get in, you still can...
Kewl, take care \m/