Nightwish Car Project


Live to Win
Feb 9, 2008
Makati, Philippines
It's been ages since I've been here, but now that the new single is out, I'm back.

I decided to use my 2012 Kia Picanto 1.2 EX M/T as a tribute to Nightwish, so I present to you: Project Nightwish.










Special thanks to Ewo for allowing me to pursue this project.
That is a sweet looking car.

However, I feel like the Nightwish logo could have been made a little bit larger to make it more easily visible to someone who is driving by on the road.

Thanks. This is only Phase I of the design project. Phase II will include stripes and other design elements related to the band, and that's set to be finished before June.
Wow, Jeremy, that looks awesome! Keep us posted!!!

Thanks. Perhaps you can help me on what else to add to the design scheme. Right now, I'm looking at adding the Owl from Made in Hong Kong on the roof. I'm also looking for tribal stripes similar to the ones used on the Once international cover.

It's too bad Kia Motors doesn't sell this car in North America.
I'm a less is more kinda person and think it would have been sweet to just have the "Nightwish" name on the side, or on the back.

Having so much just makes it look tacky...ashame because that's a sweet black ride!

Unless you can have someone airbrush an actual album cover or something. Wishmaster's flying swans would be cool and easy to do (relatively)
That's pretty cool! I wouldn't mind having a band logo (like the pendulum from "Dark Passion Play") as a decal or something and put it somewhere on my vehicle. Or, even better, a license plate frame. That would be sweet!