Fellow Imagineers: a fan-made Nightwish documentary

Greetings Oceansouls! :wave:

We know we have been keeping quiet on our page for the last few months, but it is with good reason! Over the summer, we have not been idling away and have been working very hard on a project in collaboration not just with our friends and fellow fanpages...but with YLE television in Finland, who is currently working on producing a documentary about Nightwish fans...to be made BY Nightwish fans.

You read this correctly: YLE television approached the OSA staff several months ago and asked for our help participating in a documentary that will be called Fellow Imagineers, which will be all about Nightwish fans around the world. Fans will be encouraged to send in videos of themselves as part of this project. The Fellow Imagineers staff will be launching a website and open casting call within the coming weeks, but they have given us the green light to publicly announce this news so that we can help find the most passionate fans out there to take part in this very unique project!

The task is very simple: just upload video of yourself being a Nightwish fan! Whether you are a crazy Nightwish fan who just wants to show off your extended collection, or a fan who has a special story to share with the world about how the band's music impacted you; we want to hear from you! We cannot guarantee how many of you will make the final cut and end up on the documentary, but we can guarantee that every video will be sent to YLE staff and that it will be considered by them for the final product!

The Fellow Imagineers crew will be launching a website for people to submit their videos in the next couple of weeks, but if you simply cannot wait, you are welcome to send your material to us or drop us a line for further information. You can contact us here on our Facebook or other social media pages, or send an e-mail: oceansoulsamerica@gmail.com. From there we will help to get your video sent to YLE crew.

We look forward to all of you showing us what you've got! Which of you will be among the Fellow Imagineers?

Thanks to our friends at Nightwish France, Nightwish Canada Fan Club, Dream Emporium (Nightwish PL), Nightwish Australia Fan Page: Dark Chest of Wonders, and Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen (Nemo) for taking part in this with us!