Now I am married!


May 9, 2006

Just got married yesterday (I mentioned that a few days ago here ) and wanted to shared that will someone. We did the whole church and civil thing, my wife was gorgeous and i had to shave my chin because she threatened to not marry me if i had a hairy chin :Smug:The ceremony was very emotional and I am very happy to be married to the greatest woman in the world :) After the religious ceremony, we took a Ford Galaxy (with driver and everything! Man, i got to sell my Fiat wagon and buy one of those V8 fuckers!) I rented, took some pics, and went to the party where we filled ourselves with some awesome food, like shrimp risotto, cod and some great pasta. After it, I took her to a hotel at the border of a river, and decorated the room with petals and flowers and some french champagne. She hated the hotel but loved the night :heh::heh::heh:

Well, It might sound kinda gay to post that on a metal forum, but WTF, i am happy and wanted to share that with you cool guys :p

If anyone's interested I might post a couple pics of everything.

Now i am also broke and I will have to work my ass off to pay the bills eheheh

Sounds great man, and I'm glad it was worth the debt! :D And there's nothing "gay" about marrying the woman you love, unless of course the "woman" is named Bruce. ;)
Congratulations bro! Sorry she hated the hotel! Sounds like she forgave you though...

Pics would be cool if you want to post them. I actually just finished recording a wedding today (my day job) so I'm all in that mindset. Still wearing my tie, actually.
I forgot to mention, i also got the flu one day before the wedding, and got all those disguting nose symptoms and a little bit of fever. It all disappeared on the wedding day and came back the day after ehehe

Some pics :

Me and my teenager face and my wife.

We cutting the cake (dude, we have so much cake on our refrigerator you wouldnt believe...)...

We also took some cool outside photos but the photographer still hasnt sent any of them to us.