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Jan 22, 2006
Well they say that every forum has to have a "Currently listening to.." thread.... and here's ours!

So, what are you currently listening to?

I be listenin to some Headless Cross at the moment! :worship:
Listening to the mighty Forbidden - Forbidden Evil. Got me a sweet Forbidden bootleg to be watching soon too \m/ \m/ \m/ Which is a thought if anyone has any bootlegs let me know yea?! Some trading is in order i reckon
I've got a few bootlegs floating about, I'll update this when I get home but the ones I can remember:

Megadeth - Birmingham Arena - Rust In Peace Tour - 1990
Megadeth - Download - 2005
Mordred - Fan Made DVD (its not a bootleg per se but its a fan made and freely distributed DVD)
Added now I'm home:
Death - New York - 11/14/98
Death Angel - No Mercy Fest - 2003
Carcass - Houston, Texas - 08/06/94

Cant remember any more... :S

I've got Anthrax - N.F.V. on DVD aswell, theyve not re-released it yet (AFAIK) so I transferred my Video version onto DVD...

[edit] Got some Annihilator footage somewhere too from the Never, Neverland tour... (I think...)
Sweet list Jono. Whats the set list on the Megadeth Rust in Peace tour? Vould very much be interested in that one for sure. If your cool to trade ill get up a list of what i got. BTW has it got Go To Hell on it?
I cant remember the set list on it for the life of me, theres some cool bits like an unplugged warm-up beforehand and soundcheck, I think they play Lucretia and Five Magics but I cant remember which one is which...
Apart from that cant remember...
Most of those are in VCD format btw, and the Megadeth one is 2 discs, I'm too poor for a DVD writer...

I'de be well up for some trading, always looking to expand the collection.

NP: The Prophecy - Ashes