October Tide Lyrics!

There are none. If you do a search in the forum, you'll find some posts where people have tried to piece the lyrics together (without much luck) and there were two songs (Lost in the Dark and October Insight) the lyrics to which were "officially" confirmed. Apart from that, don't expect anything unless you try to transcribe the lyrics yourself (good luck). Even Marten Hansen wrote somewhere here that he doesn't remember the lyrics, maybe Jonas has them?

edit: engh, the part about Marten Hansen stating he doesn't remember the lyrics must have been a product of my imagination, but I could swear I read someone from the band (Marten? Jonas?) saying he doesn't have the lyrics, so we may never know them.
sorry i didnt see other post.i ask to my friend about lyrics(he's huge katatonia fan)and he say jonas wrote lyrics just before record in studio...then who knows what happened lyrics...but i think he lost it and doesnt remember.