October Tide

The only thing about the cover is that it isn't what I really think of when I hear the album.

Same here, that is really the only problem I have with it, that is not the feeling the album gives.

Only the guy who actually made cover art that bad would say something like that.

But if not...then maybe you should consider taking part in the activity shown on the cover? You will? Great, thanks!! :heh:

12 years old?
Ahh, It's like the DoDS new coverart disaster recurring! Well... I guess the most important thing is that the music is the same. I'm still going to buy that re-release :)

There you go. :)
I don't like that cover art. The original is waaaaay better. Could have at least used that. I don't want to have to buy a cd with a picture of a topless dude hanging himself on the front. I just hope it sounds good.
Rain Without End, much like Grey Dawn is a very personal album to me. Even though the lyrics are not really known, I feel I can relate to the album in some frame of mind quite deeply...
The reissue artwork is absolute shit. It's not a bad cover in general, if it were for another band...but not Rain Without End. That album is more than just about suicide...it's much more personal and depressing to just be about ending one's life.