October Tide


Great Big Mouse
Dec 6, 2005
There is the band called October Tide, doom metal music. I think you all know about them, it is Jonas Renkse and Fred Norrman project. I have heard two albums: Rain Without End and Grey Dawn. Very interesting! We could discuss October Tide in this thread.

Katatonia - Last Resort
They are fantastic. I just wish that they would reissue Rain Without End so badly. I see a lot on ebay, but they go pretty high. I saw one that was not even over, and the price was over $90.
I prefer Grey dawn. Its horrible in a beautiful sort of way;) . Especially Ocbober insight, thats a song and a fuckin half!
This album has the power to make me feel like shit, but I still love it!
Grey dawn is an awesome album... And as someone said, October insight is a total hit...
I haven't heard RWE yet, but I plan to lay my tiny, swedish hands upon it next time I'll go ebaying... A reissue would be sweet, yeah...
How does RWE sound compared to GD?
Like someone said, Rain Without End is like older Katatonia. Not as aggressive though. Grey Dawn is not like Rain Without End really at all, but it is still fantastic. My favourite track from that album is Sweetness Dies. I really do not know how to describe Grey Dawn though. Someone else should have a better description than me, so I will those to do so.
To me, Rain without end is very melencholy but grey dawn is melencholy, depressive, menacing, disturbing and cold as fuck
Both albums are beautiful: Rain Without End is pure doom metal that I love and Grey Dawn is a new wave to the dying genre. As I know, there is Jonas on vocals in Rain Without End, and who is doing vocal parts in Grey Dawn? I wish October Tide had a new releases. It's so sad...

Opeth - In My Time of Need
My fav song on RWE is probably Losing tomorrow, its the type of track you can listen to on repeat for hours. Not a song but a piece of music. Awesome stuff.
Amazing music, dare I say its better than Katatonia?
Grey Dawn is definitely the best album ever, IMO.

Would love a re-release of RWE, that and a new album would be nice.