October Tide


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May 31, 2001
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To all of those who, like me, enjoy the old Katatonia albums more than the new ones, I would like to recommend/remind them of OCTOBER TIDE, which is basically old Katatonia with a fresh sound.

They've released two CDs, "Grey Dawn" and "Rain Without End".

The "Grey Dawn" CD is magnificent, if it were a Katatonia CD it would only be surpassed by "Brave Murder Day".
Cheers to that, October Tide is incredible.. and any fan of Katatonia, especially Sounds of Decay and prior, will absolutely, without any question, LOVE October Tide.

They have an mp3.com page up so you can listen to some of their tracks as well @ mp3.com/octobertide.
Man, that is some great music. I can only find one of their albums, though, "Grey Dawn" where can I pick up the other one?
"Rain without End" is an amazing CD, but I certainly don't think it's the better of the two. Both albums are quite different actually. "Rain without End" has the more dreamy approach of earlier Katatonia (yet not really compariable to a particular album) and "Grey Dawn" is a more stripped-down, almost aggressive approach.. yet is still extremely emotional.

You can purchase 'Rain without End' here: http://www.scraperecords.com/cato.html

Both are required in everyones personal catalog if you're a fan of older Katatonia.. no question.
You just can't find them.
I've only tried several times to persuade Jonas or Marten hansen to give them, without success. Jonas told that October tide lyrics are quite basic acording to him; A lot of the lyrics were written during the recording. He added that his best lyrics were the one he writes for katatonia, cause he really puts a big part of him in it.
Marten Hansen doesn't seem to be pleased with his experience on 'grey dawn'. He had expected Octoebr tide to become a full band, with hopes of touring, but nothing came (he has to pay for getting 'grey dawn', cause he has received no promos...); He can't remeber what the lyrics were exactly.
Now, if you're intersetd, I had launched a worldwide campaign(!), asking to every OT fan to send me the words they could understand in each song in order to rebuild the entire lyrics. I received some good thingsn, but not enough to complete one....Jonas had sent me the lyrics of "losing tomorow" too. You can contribute to that if you want. In exchange, I will send you the result of my (long and hard) investigation....
Worldwide compaign:OMG:? - COOL:headbang:!!! Well, it's really bad that such a good band does no longer exist. I'll try to listen in order to understand lyrics, I don't think that Jonas' thoughts on October Tide are less important for him than thoughts on KATATONIA, so... let's check!