oh man... the fat lady in HR wants to talk to me tomorrow....


Aug 2, 2002
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no one ever gets fired here, so i wonder if i will be the first!!!!

she just said that they noticed i have been acting 'strangely' lately HAHAH
it's funny because they are asking to see me when my supervisor isn't there.
maybe i will get to go out on unemployment or something if i really am as crazy as everyone says.
those two crackers i just tried to eat by sucking on them were a bad bad bad idea.
time to drink another bottle of emetrol.
ugh, i am having pit of the stomach butterfly type things about meeting with this hog. i think i am going to flake out until my boss gets back and make her go with me. i think they're trying to corner me into admitting i am a loony or something :( all these well meaning people! bah!