Ohm on amps and cabs


Mar 1, 2012
Hey there,
well I never minded about ohms because I always followed the rule to match impedance on amp and cab.
But I'm curious how it works with two cabinets.


Well this is my current cab. The 8+8ohm stereo input is what confuses me.
So when I use two cabs I would select the stereo option. So to what setting would I set my amp? 8+8ohm =16 ohms? Or 4 ohms?
Or would I select the two 8ohm outputs? And how would that change in series/parallel connection?
The manuals didn't actually help, so I hope for your's...

Here's my amp:

I know, it's kind of a dumb question but... thanks in advance!

The two cabs end up wired in parallel, so it will be a 4 ohm load. Use the two outputs on the left (when you're looking at the back of the amp). The two outputs that are marked "1 x 4 Ohm, 2 x 8 Ohm"

It might make it less confusing to know that it's not a "stereo" output as the signal sent from each of those jacks is identical (as in, connected directly together).

**Please note that I've never seen that specific amplifier in-real-life. I looked up photos of it on the ol' google-machine.**