May 25, 2001
Stockholm, Sweden
Hello fellow opethfans!

I'm new to this board and I thought I could join you in some opeth worshipping! I live in Sweden and some of the bands I like is: Opeth of course, Slayer, In Flames, The Crown, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Soilwork, Darkane, The Haunted, Nasum, At the Gates (R.I.P.), old Metallica, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and all of the other good metalbands out there! I like some non-metal music too, but metal is the main thing for me.

Alright talk to ya later!!
Welcome to the coolest bb on the planet!
I noticed you are one of the few people who have mentioned Nasum on this board. That band fucking shreds! I've got Human 2.0 and Inhale/Exhale. I think I like Human a little better mainly because I enjoy the heavier/crunchier parts more. I've got to be in the right mood to listen to them as opposed to Opeth - who I can listen to anytime.

Some rock n roll, heavy rock, prog rock and stuff like that....

Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Sator (a swedish band, most ppl have probably heard the song 'I wanna go home'), some prog like 'träd gräs & stenar' and stuff like that...

I can enjoy some Zappa sometimes, I'm not like a fan or anything though... I'm trying to stay open-minded, I think that's important.

Ooookay I admit it, I even like U2 heheh...
I recommend FZ's Hot Rats to anyone who likes skillfully composed jazz/rock/virtuoso guitarwork. The song "Son of Mr. Green Genes" is 9 minutes of some of the coolest music I've heard. It's not as emotive as some of the darker stuff I listen to, but it's cool to "rock out" to in an upbeat sorta way.
As for non-metal, I was into 80s pop/goth/industrial/whatever/shit music before I even heard metal. This is what my older sister listened to, so out of what music had heard at the time, that is what I liked best. I still listen to some of it on occasion.
If you are into seriously talented prog with an adventurous feel then you'll probably like Yes - Relayer, Close to the Edge and Genesis - Selling England by the Pound. Still 3 of the most progressive (non-opeth) albums I've ever heard. Even if you don't like it you gotta appreciate the incredible talent and innovation.

I'm always looking for new prog, if anyone has anything let me know (no, I'm not into prog hair metal like dream theatre). I crave talent which is (mostly) devoid of cheese. I think Opeth has ruined me for other bands.. oh well, it's worth it!

Satori, nose picker/flatulator