OPeth And Porcupine Tree In Boston Tonight Were.....


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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At first, and to my surprise, I realized this concert was not acoustic, but plugged in. All I can say about the sound at The Berklee Performing Arts Center was that it held perfectly clean at a great volume level with bass that pounded through my chest all night. The mixing was as close to perfect in a concert setting that I've heard in a long time. It's such a cozy place to see a concert such as this - almost a perfect setting.

There were a few hecklers in the crown in between songs, but most of it was fun, and taken very well by both bands.

I can't believe I just saw a black/death (or whatever you what to genrefy them) metal band pull off what they did tonight. Mikaels voice is superb. Once you heard the first few stanzas of Windowpane, you had a feeling you were going to hear a special concert. Closure gave me the goosebumps. And adding the 2 minute build up after "...longing for the darkness" going into the ending was amazing. To Bid You Farewell and Benighted were excellent. The Deep Purple cover was unreal. The guys seemed mostly comfortable with the setting, although not being able to see the crowd frustrated Mikael just a bit. Seeing Opeth pull off Damnation material live solidifies them on my list as my #1 favorite band of all time. Their talent oozed off the stage tonight. They are a metal band defined by no others, and differentiate themselves from the crowd by being as diverse as they are.

I had never really heard of Porcupine Tree until tonight. Those guys are gifted musicians. My favorite was the radio song never commercially released - Futile. When I've gone to concerts in the past, and seen bands that I know no material, I usually don't get into the live act. But it was different with Porcupine Tree - the talent they possess was easily portrayed through their instruments. Technically sound and tight, PT takes your musical breath away. There was a 60 or so year old women sitting in front of me, and she was swaying to PT throughout the set. She even bopped her head to Opeth. Steven "barefoot" Wilson is a great frontman, and was the catalyst for my immersion into their music.

It's refreshing to go to a concert, and come out not sweaty and pumped up, but feeling like you just witnessed something special. I witnessed two of the best drummers in the business, at least that's how I feel after tonight. Brilliant bass and guitar playing. Two great singers. Both bands are exceptional.
Oh man, I could only imagine!

That venue is just incredible, and the guys they have that do sound there are some of the most talented in the world IMO.

Jeez, I REALLY hope a bootleg of that show crops up somewhere.... I REALLY want to see it.
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I think Berklee Performance Arts Center has got to be the best place I've ever seen a concert at. Incredible acoustics, incredible sound, incredible lighting, and incredible comfort! This place is amazing! Opeth and PT sounded BETTER than their CD. No kidding. It was completely amazing. I have seen Opeth 5 times and the Berklee show will probably be the best show they have ever performed. They were flawless and felt very comfortable. Mike really showed his musical prowess. His Martin acoustic sounded heavenly as did his PRS and (to my surprise) his Gibson Les Paul. By the way, Opeth brings some unbelievable guitars to this tour. Some gorgeous PRS's and Gibson's. 100% class act all the way. I feel sorry for all the Opeth fans who were not able to experience this concert.