Opeth at Roskilde!?


Rotten undead buccaneer
So, after all my tries to get you guys to vote for Opeth to go to Roskilde festival, I e-mailed Andy Farrow at Opeth Management to see if there was even a remote possibility of Opeth playing there.

Here's his reply:

"Hi Thomas,
we are trying to get them on but there is resistance."

Not too long, but it says what I needed to know. Opeth are trying to get to play on Roskilde, but the danish bastards are resisting! Now help them out by voting for them to play there! (see sig.)
Damnit... That would be so great... Stupid danish scums ;)
Demiana said:
yeah...swedish people are way much cooler


I know YOU are, but in general...? :cool:

Lol, well Opeth are swedish too :p

And they are going to play at the Hultsfred festival which is the swedish "equivalent" to Roskilde (although much smaller... only 20-30000 people or so, whereas Roskilde have 70000 or so), so Sweden is cooler! And our language is cooler too, we don't sound like we just woke up with porridge in our mouths.
well roskilde had 115000 visitors some years back , thats a lot. and the BEER is CHEAPER in Danmark. and i don`t believe hultsfred has an equivaent to Christiania Free city? very interesting place.
anyway , im planning to be at both festivals

anyone going to inferno?