Opeth Bootlegs Finally Online!!!!


May 11, 2001
Cary, NC
Just making sure everyone has seen that someone has put up bootlegs online. I found them through Yahoo Groups' nectar-opeth (a group devoted to opeth)...

Someone set up an FTP site (which I can't get into), but I was able to download all the MP3s from the foillowing website:


There are the following shows in MP3 format:

Mikwaukee 2000
Rijsel 96
Springfield, VA April 2001
Springfield, VA May 2001
Chicago 2001 (The Smell of Death in Chicago bootleg)

Anyway, the chicago show sounds the best (in my opinion), but they are all worth checking out...Just thought I'd let everyone know.....

Finally!! Opeth bootlegs...

Thanx man, I've been looking for some live opeth mp3's. I'm downloading Demon of the Fall from the Chicago show right now. Although it's gonna take me a while to get the whole show with my shitty connection.
The yahoo group has also apprently set up an FTp site with even more of the shows in MP3 format....I have not yet been able to access the FTP site, always busy...

They are also talking about the side project Sorskogen with Dan Swano, apprently someone's got a copy of it, and has posted it to the FTP site as well...

Just thought I'd let everyone know...
It's already been noted that there's many a people here who would KILL for Sorskogen MP3's. Well, maybe not kill... would MAIM for Sorskogen MP3's. Well... perhaps FILL PEOPLE WITH SELF-DOUBT for Sorskogen MP3's. Hmmm...

Anyways, the point is, if you ever get a link to those, make sure to let us all know. Thanks!
Yeah, I'd be ready to menaciously tickle people's feet to get Sörskogen mp3's... unless that is too violent, that is.

Thanks for those live-Opeth-songs, anyway!