Yachad el ha'or
Apr 12, 2008
Greetz everyone.

I'm just wondering what's the band's opinion about bootleg recordings of their concerts.
I enjoy listening to concert renditions of songs a lot, and the only way I can get all that (never officially released) audio and video material is from Internet.

You know, there are thousands of Metallica or Dream Theater bootlegs online; but OL's bootlegs are still a few.

Does the band mind if we, the fans, share some Orphaned Land's live recordings that we have?

It's a rather delicate ethical matter, especially for such a non-commercial band as OL. :worship:

If the band does not mind, we can share these [crude noisy .mp3s or .mpgs only interesting to devoted fans:)] fan recordings here.

I got OL's live in Paris (2006?) mp3, Wacken .mp4 and tried to get some live recordings from
* ROXEN, TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - 14 September 1993 (CDR)
* SALA ARENA, MADRID - 31 May 2005 (CDR)
(failed to exchange anything with that dude).
Yeah i know, i'm just teasing you a bit for old times sake...:) It would be great though to watch some OL live power. I'll just leave the months decide...
Hm, I've just collected 46 band's videos (incl. 4 interviews, concerts and live song fragments etc.) (1.46 Gb)

G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Seasons Unite (live at Rox).mpg [The Beloved's Cry Single bonus video]
G:\OL videos\Orphaned_Land_-_Ocean_Land_Moscow_12.04.2008.avi
G:\OL videos\Orphaned_Land_-_Ocean_Land (clip).avi
G:\OL videos\Orphaned_Land_-_Ah!_ Ellada_S'Agapo (live in Thessaloniki).flv
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - The Beloved's Cry (live).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - The Kiss Of Babylon (live in Moscow).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - The Storm Still Rages Inside (live).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Thee By Father I Pray (live in Moscow).mp4
G:\OL videos\Interview with Kobi Farhi.flv
G:\OL videos\Orphand Land - The Kiss Of Babylon (live, poor quality).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphane Land - Nora El Nora (live in Ankara).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - acoustic Neverending Way + Beloved's Cry + Nora El Nora (Jerusalem oud festival).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Building The Ark fragment, Nora El Nora.mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - El Meod Na'ala live in Wacken (Germany).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - interview on TV + Nora El Norra studio pieces.mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Joy (live).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - live in Ankara fan's vox.mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Sapari (live in Tel-Aviv 2008).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Ornaments of Gold live somewhere (bad sound).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Estarabim live in Turkey.mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Neverending Way (live).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Nora El Nora (clip).flv
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Nora El Nora + Ornaments of Gold (live at Wacken).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Norra El Norra.mpg
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Ornament Of Gold (live somewhere in EU).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Ornaments Of Gold (fragment) live in Ankara.mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Tanah piece (live).mp4
G:\OL videos\The Neverending Way (live in Thessaloniki, Greece).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land + belly dancers.mp4
G:\OL videos\Matan Shmuley's drum solo.mp4
G:\OL videos\Thee By The Father I Pray + The Storm Still Rages Inside.mp4
G:\OL videos\The Birth Of The Three - live at Metal Healing Festival (Greece 2007).mp4
G:\OL videos\Shlomit Levi - Live Acoustic teaser.mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Sapari live in France (2008).mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Ornaments of Gold live at Metal Healing Festival (Greece 2007).mp4
G:\OL videos\Interview with Yossi, letters from fans from totalitarian countries.mp4
G:\OL videos\Global Metal movie fragment about Israeli metal scene feat. Kobi Farhi, El Meod Na'Ala and Ornaments of Gold live.mp4
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Sapari in studio + interview (2009).flv
G:\OL videos\Ornaments_Of_Gold (El Nora Alila 2006 Re-release).mpg
G:\OL videos\The_Evil_Urge (acoustic from El Nora Alila 2006 Re-release).mpg
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - A Never Ending Way (Live) 2005.mpg
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Esterabim (Erkin Koray Cover) 2005.avi
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Norra El Norra 1997.mpeg
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - The Calm Before The Flood concert.MPG [20 minutes, unique performance, Sahara and El Norra Alila songs, nice impros]
G:\OL videos\Orphaned Land - Nel blu dipinto di blu (Evolution Festival 2005).avi
G:\OL videos\Orphaned_Land-20080412-Moscow-El_Meod_Na_Ala.avi
G:\OL videos\Orphaned_Land_-_Birth_Of_The_Three_Moscow_12.04.2008.avi
G:\OL videos\OL featured in Israeli TV Ad as glam rockers LOL.mp4

What am I missing else then video bootlegs I mentioned above?

I could share some of these videos, but only if the band does not mind.
I think I found live 2 videos I do not remember seeing before:

("El Meod Na'Ala" live in Tel-Aviv, evidently one used in Global Metal)

("The Beloved's Cry" from the same concert. I love the special way Shlomit and Kobi performed the song there.)
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Kobi's point of view about downloading music from Internet:

"Greg: Let me ask you something else. With all the musicians I’ve interviewed for this festival, I’ve asked them about MP3s and illegal downloading. However, from comments you’ve made in other interviews, it seems you have a much different perspective on this than European or Scandinavian artists. You’ve talked about that for people in repressed nations, if it weren’t for these downloads, they’d never hear this music. I thought that was pretty profound… I had never thought about it from that perspective.

Kobi: This is again a fact I learned to know from living in the Middle East. Because I believe living there maybe I’m facing a situation, that I don’t know, the usual European or American band will not face. Orphaned Land has thousands of fans in Arabian countries that we can not perform live for them. And the regimes over there are not democratic and they can not just go on the streets with the t-shirt of SLAYER without being, I don’t know, really hassled. Now imagine how MP3 was beneficial for us. In those countries where our CDs are banned and completely impossible to reach, how lucky we are that we have the Internet that any Arabian can just go to a site and download our album. So yeah, I don’t get any royalty out of it, but fuck it, I give music to these guys. And I know that these guys will grow up to hate me and think that I want to kill him, and then he gets to hear my music, and this is above any propaganda, because either you like it or you don’t like it. Music is something that is so powerful that even you and your enemy, without knowing it, you can have the same musical taste, and you can love the same songs. And when you and your enemy have something in common this is the seed that you can become friends. So I think that MP3s has pluses and minuses… and yeah, I’m very happy that it’s possible and available because otherwise we wouldn’t have thousands, and I’m really talking thousands of fans. I receive thousands of e-mails from people from Syria, and Morocco and Lebanon and Jordan and Egypt and even, even Iran. And this would never happen if we didn’t have Internet and MP3 download."

(same interview:
Postmodernist, i have some videos that i didn't find in your list

Halo Dies - Live in Moscow (Good quality)
Ocean Land - live in St-Peterburg (very good quality)
i also have audio bootleg of Moscow concert