Borknagar bootlegs. Anyone?

Yes.. and i was really surprised about the way he cared about his fans.. I've never seen a member of the band come down to talk with the fans when they shout their name before.. normally they just wave at them . But when i shouted Lars he jumped down, and he was really nice.

:worship: :worship: Lars Rocks!
Of course they are not better then Borknagar...
But they are very good!

Talking about good live bands, have you seen this band called Godsize! They rock extremly hard!! They are going to play in Kristiansand the 28th september, and on the 1001watt festival in skien 28-30 november. Everyone should go see them!!!
Hey, Asgeir, I was just wondering, why don't you guys come over here, in Bulgaria, do a couple of gigs, and I'll make a bootleg, hm?:D

P.S. Oh and I'll need a backstage pass just to make sure the sound quality is good... ;)