Yeah, the guys told us that they got a really good reception from the crowd. In the video that is on the fan site now, you see parts a video shot from stage and then you can see how big this stadium actually is- impressive! Some fans were so nice to give us a copy of the footage they shot, in order for us to make a video for all you all to see how it was in the show.
Wacken 2010





+ Matan's drum solo live somewhere
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Hey, postmodernist (rumored to read an entire library in 30 min, eh, Ananth?) & Morticia NL. You've gotta be an OL fan to dig those mega-lo-fi bootlegs, but I am. Good to know about the "official" source/s, because, like most non-deaf people, I prefer to hear a decent mix, you know, lows, mids, highs, that sh**. Man, post-dude: The vid with Yossi's father is remarkable; it's so loving & real--the guy's beaming, singing, oh yeah! I haven't seen a metal band with a kippa-wearing person since my days playing a knock-off Precision bass in my yeshiva high-school band. Yeah, we all had to wear those back then (mine was a Deep Purple embroidered one) \m/. We ingrates got even by playing every single one of those Hebrew Ashkenasic [you understand why I write 'Ashkenasic' rather than *spit* 'Ashkenazic,' right?) traditional songs metal, homes! the black-hatted rabbis ran away from the "concerts" faster than King Arthur's knights did in the Trojan Badger scene (cf. Monty Python's Holy Grail). *nostalgia* I would've ran away, too, if I didn't have bass-duties: We sucked eggs. Oh, well, I've gone off that holy path long ago. But, hey, I'm a Disciple of the Sacred Oath. That's more my speed these days. Thank you for this totally non-sucky collection!!
I also prefer a good source, where it actually sounds like it sounds live. But unless I find 2000 euro in the street to get the camera and the mic I want [and need] for such recordings, we will have to make do.
Found a US fan sharing some videos from last nights show in Philly-enjoy

Orphaned Land - Norra El Norra

Orphaned Land - In Thy Never Ending Way

Orphaned Land - Ocean Land

Orphaned Land - The Path part 1- Treading through Darkness

Orphaned Land - Sapari

Orphaned Land - The Kiss of Babylon

Orphaned Land - Barakah

Orphaned Land - Olat Ha'tamid

Orphaned Land - Birth of the three

I thank the guy for sharing on YouTube. But what I don't get is how he managed to stand still long enough to film? Especially during Olat Ha'tamid???
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Nathalie, that must've been Anthony3 who recorded those videos. I met that guy at the show and I think he said that he was gonna go record the whole show.

Haha this show might be unique as it didn't have Shlomit during Norra El Norra [notice Matan complaining about the computer].

Damn! I wish that he focused on the crowd for a second! I was standing right in front of Kobi. What a show it was! I'm quite surprised by how heavy they actually were.
Thus wrote Morticia NL: "I also prefer a good source, where it actually sounds like it sounds live. But unless I find 2000 euro in the street to get the camera and the mic I want [and need] for such recordings, we will have to make do."

Of course. Oh y'all more than make do. 2000 Euro, huh.... I haven't seen a single dollar on the street for years. Whatever. It doesn't matter: Thanks for so much live footage. It's so great to watch on the road and at the various hotels.

On the road again and loving it. Bitchin' n' moanin' isn't an option.
Got the following bootleg as 192kbps mp3, decent recording quality
Orphaned Land
March 14, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
Bottom Lounge


01 intro
02 Sapari
03 From Broken Vessels
04 Baraka
05 The Kiss of Babylon
06 El Meod Na'ala
07 The Path - Treading Through Darkness
08 Ocean Land (The Revelation)
09 Norra El Norra (Entering The Ark)
10 In Thy Never Ending Way
... a professionally recorded DVD Rock Hard Festival, Amphitheatre, Gelsenkirchen (21-23 May 2010)

Orphaned Land
Norra El Norri

Yeah, the Philadelphia show is all mine. I have a bunch more from other gigs coming as soon as I can get a wifi connection good enough for me to upload them. I just got back to my hotel from the Toronto show and my Youtube uploads aren't moving. Hopefully I have better luck at my Cleveland hotel tomorrow.